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Deine Seite ist diese ?
(30.10.2017, 23:33)MrBrechreiz schrieb: [ -> ]Deine Seite ist diese ?

ich schicke dir die Seite gleich kurz per PM

(30.10.2017, 21:47)bv64 schrieb: [ -> ]du könntest in der Datenbanktabelle _users den Default-Wert für das Feld  portalresonsive auf 1 ändern, dann bekommen es alle Neu-User automatisch

ui - das geht dann über phpmyadmin? Wird das nicht von einer .php Datei überschrieben?
bv64 thank you for english translation of change log.
Also I wonder do you ever think about adding settings to admin panel for gallery sidebox MrBrechreiz? All settings of that section is still in php file.
Which block do you mean exactly?
(10.11.2017, 09:33)MrBrechreiz schrieb: [ -> ]Which block do you mean exactly?
My bad. Sorry.  It was "jquery.fancybox.js" file. I edited it way before so i was wrong.
Anyway there is a lot of options in that file like templates or image sizes, scrolling speeds etc. If you can get them into admin panel it would be great.
slider on my portal only shows first 5 images from gallery and thumbnails are very small i need display latest 5 or random 5 with larger thumbnails. i couldnt the correct file to edit. can someone help me?
Have you noticed the block settings in the portal? (see screenshot)
I'm aware of settings but it displays only oldest ones. Image count is irrelevant. 5 is good but they always same first 5 images. I want to change them to latest 5 or random 5.
Also I locate slider to larger section but thumbnails stayed for smaller section size.
please check the attachment

Load my attachment and open the block_ezgal.php and change this (2x)

height=\"78\" width=\"120\" 

into your new thumbnail values.

New in this block:

order by rand and group by date


Active F5 to load new images in random mode.

Help this?
Thank you very much. If you have thime can you make acp settings for this kind of options in any upcoming version of plugin? there is a lot of things can be optional from acp.