My Advertisements

Adds an advertisements manager to your MyBB installation.
Version: 2.3.4
Autor: Diogo Parrinha
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Hochgeladen: 01.09.2014
Letzte Aktualisierung: 04.10.2021
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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DisclaimerThis plugin is not officially supported by me anymore. We have closed our official website and do not provide support for any of our plugins. All premium plugins have been made available for free. Use at your own risk.

My Advertisements is the most powerful advertisements manager for MyBB as of now.

It allows administrators to create multiple zones and place the zone codes wherever they want in templates.

They can then assign multiple advertisements to each zone and they'll be randomly displayed to the users. You can also set which users cannot see each advertisement.

This advertisements manager logs views and clicks for each advertisement (clicks are logged via JavaScript so in case the user has JavaScript disabled, the click will not be logged) - this way there are no redirects which may not look good to your users.

By default, there are three zones:
* Header
* Footer
* Postbit

These cannot be deleted and are automatically added to the templates.

Note 1: Make sure you ACTIVATE the My Advertisements task from the Admin CP too! - IMPORTANT -

Note 2: please read comments above the following line found at the top of /inc/plugins/myadvertisements.php
define("MYADS_DIF_POST", 0);

Change Log
 * 2.3
- Views and clicks are now formated properly
- Fixed bug in the send PM feature of the task: would only send PM to uid 1
- Expired ads show in a new tab now
- Clicks and views are now sent to the advertiser when the e-mail notice is sent if using {stats}

* 2.2
- Adds a feature which allows you to send e-mail notices when an advertisement will expire (10 days before expiring)
- Adds a 'creation date' column (which will show N/A for ads created before the upgrade)

* 2.1.2
- Fixed bug in the postbit zone.

* 2.1.1
- Added compatibility with plugin First Post Only.
* 2.1
- Added compatibility with MyBB 1.8.

For a full change log, please check changelog.txt.

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