Isango - MyBB Simple Social Login

MyBB Simple Social Login / Registration Plugin Using OAuth2
Version: 2.0.1
Autor: Eldenroot
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Hochgeladen: 19.08.2019
Letzte Aktualisierung: 16.02.2021
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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IsangoMyBB Simple Social Login / Registration Plugin Using OAuth2
  • MyBB 1.8.x
  • PHP 7.1+
Implemented Features
  • Users can login / register through several social gateways in a click.
  • Currently supported: Discord, Facebook, Github, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yandex, Yahoo, Amazon, Twitch, Wordpress, Imgur, Spotify. New services will be added to the plugin over time; however (advanced) users can easily implement other services by creating configuration .ini of the expected service in required pattern (no programming needed). Once a configuration file is created and placed inside inc/plugins/isango folder only re-anabling the plugin will activate the new service with the plugin. We welcome any addition, share you .ini files and make this plugin even better!
  • Administrators can choose the usergroup from ACP Plugin Settings under which the new users will be registered and placed, defaults to Registered (gid 2).
  • Users can add the authentication connections from user control panel which will help them logging in using the already registered services.
  • This plugin, by design, doesn't store access token obtained from providers so that in case of a database compromise your social accounts still remain secure!
Planned features so far
  • Optional ability to allow new users to input desired username while registering with Isango. Currently the plugin attempts to decide a suitable username based on available data received from the used service.
  • Adding more services to the plugin.
  • Exactly same like any other plugins. Users need to upload the files inside upload folder of the package maintaining the already made structure using any FTP / WebDav and install / activate the plugin from ACP.
  • Users need to create App for the website at the service provider's developer site to obtain App ID / Secret which are required to input through MyBB ACP Plugin settings. For detail guidelines on creating App for individual service providers please refer Wiki.
External Dependency
  • No external OAuth library has been used in this plugin. It has been implemented complying minimum possible OAuth2 requirements.

Feel free to report any bug or let us know you feedback! Enjoy!

Coded by MyBB Group - GitHub sources:
Official MyBB Group website to get a support:

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