IP2Location IP-Country Blocker

This plugin blocks unwanted visitors by their IP address or origin country.
Version: 1.0.0
Autor: hexasoft
Deutsche Übersetzung: noch nicht übersetzt
Hochgeladen: 27.05.2014
Letzte Aktualisierung: 27.05.2014
Support: https://www.mybb.de/forum/thread-29810.html (0 Beiträge)
Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.6.x
Bisherige Downloads: 15
This plugin blocks unwanted visitors from accessing MyBB by their IP address or origin country. You can choose to block them from all pages, or only registration page.

It uses the IP2Location BIN database to locate the country information for blocking.
You may download the BIN database at the following path:

Free LITE BIN database: http://lite.ip2location.com/database-ip-country
Commercial BIN database: http://www.ip2location.com/databases/db1-ip-country

1. Upload folder and file /inc/plugins to your MyBB installation folder (/inc/plugins).
2. Login to MyBB administrator page and go to Configuration > Plugins.
3. Find "IP2Location IP-Country Blocker" from the list and activate it.
4. Go to Configuration > Settings.
5. Click "IP2Location IP-Country Blocker" to configure your settings.
6. Download the IP2Location database. (Please refer to the above section for the download details)
7. Make sure to configure the database path at the settings page. An absolute path accessible by the MyBB.

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