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Version: 1.8.x
Autor: Khankharor
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Hochgeladen: 15.03.2015
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Hello guys,
My Name Is Khan Solangi

Its really great moment to announce that MyBB 1.8 Version was out a few days ago.So i decided to bring forth a simple, classy theme to dress the newly upgraded forums. I always wanted to bring out themes accessible to every person, free one's, which power lots of websites and thus earn a name for me.Henceforth, i worked on a pretty cool, colored, with custom elements, a theme called "Pak-Theme".

Features :
The theme is made with Css3 and jQuery elements.
Custom Font Family (Source-sans) and FontAwesome icons are included.
Tabbed profiles, Css3 main nav and Usernav.
Css Breadcrumbs etc.

Support Forum..
You Can Get Support Of This Theme On .

Live Demo

Here is a live demo of the theme :


Quelle: Paktheme bei

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