MyWrap [wrap]

A plugin that allows you to add wrappers to your messages.
Version: 1.0.0
Autor: Thibmo
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Hochgeladen: 26.07.2018
Letzte Aktualisierung: 27.07.2018
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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MyWrap allows you to add wrappers to your posts, these are styled divs that highlight special sections of your posts.


Basic syntax:
Styled syntax:
[wrap style="<Styling options>"][/wrap] 
Styling options:
// columns column                        - same as left in LTR languages and same as right in RTL languages left                          - same as column, will let you float your container on the left right                         - will let the container float right center                        - will position the container in the horizontal center of the page col2..col5                    - will show the text in multiple columns determined by their amount (2, 3, 4 or 5), only works in modern browsers (no IE9 and below) colsmall, colmedium, collarge - will also show the text in multiple columns but determined by their width (small, medium or large), only works in modern browsers (no IE9 and below)   / / widths – might not work as expected, includes mobile support half      - fits two columns in a row, should be used in pairs third     - fits three or two columns in a row, should be used in triplets or together with twothirds twothirds - fits two columns in a row when used together with third, one 1/3 wide and another 2/3 wide quarter   - fits four columns in a row, should be used in quads  // alignments leftalign   - aligns text on the left rightalign  - aligns text on the right centeralign - centers the text justify     - justifies the text  // boxes and notes box       - creates a box around the container info      - creates a blue box with an info icon important - creates an orange box with an important icon alert     - creates a red box with an alert icon tip       - creates a yellow box with a tip icon help      - creates a violet box with a help icon todo      - creates a cyan box with an to-do icon download  - creates a green box with a download icon round     - adds rounded corners to any container with a background color or a border (only works in modern browsers, i.e. no IE) danger    - creates a red danger safety note warning   - creates an orange warning safety note caution   - creates a yellow caution safety note notice    - creates a blue notice safety note safety    - creates a green safety note  // marks hi - marks text as highlighted lo - marks text as less significant em - marks text as especially emphasized  // misc clear   - clears floats hide    - hides the text per CSS (the text will still appear in the source code, in non-modern browsers and is searchable) button  - when wrapped around a link, styles it like a button indent  - indents the text, could be used instead of tab outdent - "outdents" the text prewrap - wraps text inside pre-formatted code blocks 
You can set any valid widths: %, px, em, rem, ex, ch, vw, vh, pt, pc, cm, mm, in.
Just set the width before or after other styles, e.g.
[wrap somestyle 60% anotherstyle]...
All except percentages will be reduced to have the maximum width available on smaller screens.

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