Save templates, themes and settings using the power of AJAX
Version: 1.7
Autor: Shade
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Hochgeladen: 12.09.2014
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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FASTyle is an all-in-one suite which improves and speeds up settings, stylesheets and templates management. FASTyle:
  • uses asynchronous calls (AJAX) to expand and collapse templates, save templates, stylesheets and settings;
  • adds a powerful quick template editing functionality, adding a same-page, AJAXed multi-template manager;
  • adds CodeMirror's Sublime Text keymap, enhancing MyBB default editor's functionalities.

Notable features:
  • quick templates/stylesheets/settings saving;
  • quick template editing with in-page tabs;
  • quick template expansion;
  • Sublime Text keymap;
  • keyboard shortcuts.

From the original idea of Eric J.. Thank you Eric.

To install, simply upload and Install & Activate from the plugin list.

FASTyle is compatible with MyBB 1.8 only.

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