When a user is repblocked he can only receive negative rep. He is also unable to give out any rep.
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Want to punish members because they broke a rule?
Want to punish rep whores?
Well, then Repblock is the perfect plugin from you!

As an admin, you can Repblock Users. When he user is repblocked, he can't receive any reps but negatives. He is also unable to give out any reps, to prevent revenge reping.

It's also a good idea to combine it with a repfuck: "Let's remove all his positibe reps and let him not earn positive reps for 2 weeks!"

  • Make a setting to select usergroups which are allowed to give out repblocks
  • Make a setting to prevent usergroups from getting repblocked

To delete a repblock before it expires, just set a new Repblock for "0" days. This will remove the repblock.
Everything else is self-explanatory.

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