Prevent (Hide) Spam Post By Minus Reputation

Automatically prevent displaying whole posts, signature even attachment by NEW member who have specified minus reputation (given by you or other members).
Version: 1.0
Autor: FBI
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Hochgeladen: 21.11.2012
Letzte Aktualisierung: 23.11.2012
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.6.x
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- Do you ever have members who posts advertise material (duplicate posts) in every forum?
- Do you ever tire to move their whole wrong thread/post in to appropriate correct forum?
- In some place which using dynamic IP, banning isn't the only solution. Too many proxy IP out there.
- This is another soft-approach solution which still educating other member NOT DOING the same thing (Spam/duplicate posts in every forum)

How it works?[b]
This plugin will automatically prevent displaying whole post by NEW member who have specified minus reputation (default setting for this plugin is -3). This is good way with soft-approach to give a lesson for spammer or regular member, without banning or warn them. This can be done automatically, by let other members involve to give a negative reputation. After minus 3 reputation reach, then all posts by this member will disappear and replaced by a custom notification that teach other new member not doing the same thing (Spam posting).

Don't worry, it will not affecting to member who have many reputation even they have 3 minus reputation. This is safe applied on new member only.


- edit file inc/plugins/pspb.php and find out the variable inside.
- easily modified and clearly commented
- default minus reputation is -3, you can change by editing the file
- also you can creatively change the notifying custom message (post, attachment, signature) easily.

This plugin use existing built-in preloaded MyBB function. There is no other setting or NO additional SQL query.

This preview will explain for your suitable idea :-)

This is post replacement for member with minus 3 reputation

This is signature replacement for member who never received reputation

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