Javascript Bot Protection

Uses javascript to fill out a hidden field to prevent automated registrations
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In order to prevent automated registrations, this plugin uses a javascript filled form field.

As automated scripts most likely don't parse javascript at all, this should ensure that the client is a full featured browser, and should be under control of a real human being.

For smaller forums this might even completely replace a captcha, therefore increasing user acceptance, or just add some more protection.

This is how it works:
The plugin creates a hidden form field on the registration page and fills it with a value of your choice using javascript.
After submission of the registration form, it checks the submitted value. If it matches the one that should have been set by javascript, everything is fine and the account gets created.
If the value is not properly set (because the client did not parse the javascript) the user is redirected to the registration form with an error message.


Both field name and field value can be defined within the admin control panel.

Any person who is using a browser that does not evaluate javascript, will not be able to register.
This might be the case for blind people using a text only browser with a screen reader like jaws, or or other handicapped users.
In case you want to provide your service for them, too, you should not use this plugin, or provide another way of registering.
You might for example offer to create an account manually when requested via email.

You may change the language file to change the displayed message accordingly.

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