Monitor Server CPU Load On Your Forum

Displaying averages your server CPU Load in footer forum. This useful to monitor your shared-webhosting performance, especially when you're checking new installed plugin performance. Has ability to send email alert, if specified CPU Load was reach.
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Have you ever monitor your server cpu load in real-time?
This plugin is the answer. No need to login your Cpanel server, No need to check Dashboard Admin for Server Load. This server resources view can see at any pages of your forum!

Strong Benefit
- Live resources view of averages CPU Load, between 1, 5 or 15 minutes
- Your visitor could see and report how is your server load
- Give you ability analyzing shared-webhosting performance at peak time
- Give you information, after some 'suspect' load-consuming new installed plugin
- Send you an email alert, if CPU load was reach specified trigger setting

Important Info
- please edit/change email address plugin (cpuload.php) at Line: 52
- edit and set Line 51, for CPU Load trigger warning.
Check your webhosting server specification
1 = single CPU
2 = dual core
4 = quad core
8 = 8 CPU

Tips: for easy setting, monitor your server load via Dashboard Admin at peak time as reference (eg.10AM - 2PM or 6PM - 9PM). if you're un-sure of this setting, make it higher than 5, to turn-off Email Alert. As MyBB recommend value 5.0 for normal *NIX Load Limiting. But, some high-end shared-webhosting server stil running well on big CPU Load.

See this previews

Visitor's view (member/guest)

Admin's view, together along debug information

Some code, you have to change email address to your mail.

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