Stupid Post Parse

This plugin converts "?????" to "?" and "!!!!!!" to "!" and "......" to "." and ",,,,," to "," in showing of an thread. Well it converts if it is o...
Version: 1.4
Autor: Martin M.
Deutsche Übersetzung: Michael
Hochgeladen: 15.12.2006
Letzte Aktualisierung: 31.01.2010
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.4.x
Bisherige Downloads: 18
Auf der englischen Website liegt eine neue Version der Erweiterung vor, diese Übersetzung ist möglicherweise veraltet und nicht mehr kompatibel.

This plugin converts "?????" to "?" and "!!!!!!" to "!" and "......" to "."
and ",,,,," to "," in showing of an thread.
Well it converts if it is over 1 characther of "?", "!", "." or ","

2.0 is now only an plugin, no need to modify core files (yippi).

This one loops through all posts and updates them, this may take some time
tho, if you got an large forum.
Updates them each time an user post an thread/post or just edits one

This also uses the php function ucfirst to make sure the topic names
begins with an uppercase, looking better in the forum.

Added an new plugin so you can redo the process of parsing the stupid
posts, good if you changed the settings.

Read the readme.html

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