Users Browsing Thread

Users Browsing Thread is a simple plugin that shows you the users, invisible users, if any, and guests browsing the particular thread you are viewing
Version: 1.1
Autor: - G33K -
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Hochgeladen: 13.07.2009
Letzte Aktualisierung: 17.07.2009
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.4.x
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/* Users Browsing Thread v1.1 by -G33K - */
/* MyBB v1.4.* Plugin */

Change Log:

Version 1.1
- Added feature to display number of invisible users, only if there are invisible users browsing the thread
- Changed formatting of message to make better sense.
- Enabled plugin's templates to be cached on page load to avoid additional calls and additional sql queries for the templates.

Version 1.0
- Initial Release

Users Browsing Thread is a simple plugin that shows you the users, invisible users and guests browsing the particular thread you are viewing. It replicates the behaviour of the Users Viewing Forum with the added functionality of viewing the number of invisible users. It is also dependent on the settings you set for users viewing forum, if that is disabled, this disables too.

- Shows Users, invisible users(only if there are invisible users) and guests viewing current thread
- Template based layout for changing the layout to fit your needs.
- Simple, lightweight and straight forward.

- Unzip/Unrar, upload inc/plugins/usersbrowsingthread.php and inc/languages/english/usersbrowsingthread.lang.php to the respective directories on the server
- Activate the plugin from the Admin Panel, Plugins section
- For non-standard templates, if the plugin doesn't show the users, edit your Showthread Templates>showthread template and place {$usersbrowsing} wherever you want to display the users.

- Deactivate old plugin.
- Upload new files overwriting existing files.
- Activate plugin.

- Deactivate from the plugins page

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