Count Forum Viewers 2.0

Shows how many are viewing a certain forum at the same moment.
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Version 2.0
Compatible with MyBB 1.2.x
Feb 7th 2007

Shows how many are viewing a certain forum at the same moment.

Upload cfv.php to ./inc/plugins
Chmod ./inc/functions_forumlist.php to 777
Go to Admin CP > Board Settings > Plug-in Manager > Activate
*You may now revert back the chmoding

Beside each forum title on the index page, an indication of the total viewers of that particular forum will appear. The look of this indication can be modified through Admin CP > Board Settings >Count Forums Viewers. By default it is ({1} viewers), {1} represents the number of viewers you should not change it, but you are allowed to change everything else, let’s say you’d like to make it looks like [{1} viewers in this forum], just type that in the settings part.


Html is also allowed over there, so you can bold the part you want.

Also from the Settings part, you may specify if you want to hide or show it when there are zero viewers.

  • Customize the way the indication appears.
  • Use HTML to add more styles.
  • Hide / Show when there are 0 viewers.
  • Easy activate and deactivate.

No translation needed, as the user can edit the indication’s text from the settings part.

No previous version is compatible with 1.2.x.

K776, for his permissions to develop his idea.
Zaher1988 – TECHEX – The Site

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