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== DeepSpace Theme For MyBBoard 1.00 ==
Comments & suggestions to decswxaqz -

My first and probably last theme for MyBBoard.
It was going to be a sci-fi/futuristic look but it failed miserably

Anyway, all icons (apart from the forum icons) are from the Linspire Clear
icon pack by Everaldo from

Installation Instructions

1) Copy the "images_deepspace/" folder to your forums' root directory.
2) Go to the Admin CP and look for "Themes", and click on "Import".
3) Click on browse and navigate to the DeepSpace-theme.xml file.
4) Make sure that the parent theme is "MyBB Master Style" and that "Import
Custom Templates" is set to No.

That's it. There are a few other things you might want to do.

1) The default MyBB logo doesn't have a transparent background which
results in a white logo on the home page. You can change this to a
customised MyBB logo by going to "Themes", "Modify/Delete", and then
editing the DeepSpace theme. Change the location of the image to
"images_deepspace/logo.gif", or if you want to use the default image with a
transparent background then change it to "images_deepspace/logo_2.gif".
Please note the second image does have some parts of the text missing
because of the way I removed the white background.
2) There are also some larger attachment icons in the
"images_deepspace/attachtype" folder. If you want to include these then you
should go to "Attachments", "Attachment Types" and edit the attachments.
You should change the first part of the location ("images/") to
3) There are also 2 sets of stars that you can use instead of the default
MyBB ones (which have a white outline on a dark background). The easiest
way to use these is to copy them over the ones stored in "images/". If you
don't want to do that you will have to edit each user group by hand. "Users
and Groups", "Manage Groups", "Edit Group". Change the star image location
from "images/" to "images_deepspace/". There are two sets of star images.
The normal ones are placed in 2 rows, the second set are in a line like the
default MyBB stars. If you wish to use the latter, you will have to put a
"_2" before the ".gif" extension.

There is also an admin style to go with this theme. You just need to copy
the "admin/styles/DeepSpace/" folder to your "admin/styles" folder.

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