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Easy Install is back in the new and improved 1.x form. It should be a LOT easier for users and developers to use.Features include---Plugins tha...
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Easy Install is back in the new and improved 1.x form.
It should be a LOT easier for users and developers to use.

Features include

---Plugins that are compatible install themselves. Files can be uploaded
and edited online without you (the user) having to life a finger (just
press a button instead =))
---Developers have tools to help ease the burden of creating an EI file.
From EI code generators to image encoders. (Well that's about it for now
---A readme function that when combined with "Advanced
Plugins" plugin, lets the user access these tools, view the EI log
file, and enable/disable logging.
---Version 2.x - Users can choose to open/write files with either FTP or
normal file handling (fopen). Using FTP should reduce the CHMOD and
permissions problems

This plugin is designed to work in tandem with "Advanced
Plugins" but can work without it.

(click images for larger version)

Modifies the plugin page so you can see which plugins will use EI

The code generator. Just put in the file you want to edit, string to find,
and code to replace it with and the javascript will do the rest.

The image encoder. If you want to upload images using EI, they have to
base64_encoded. This tool does that for you

The log file viewer. Got a problem with installing a plugin? No problem.
Go and view the most recent entry in the log viewer and look for failed
commands. You can then go to the plugin creator and ask them what to do!
Easy debugging solution for user and developer.

Change Log
Version 2.0

Added FTP functionality.
General code improvement and structure
Slight change to the $plugin_ei->writeFile syntax.
Only concerns developers who should read the readme for more details

Version 1.2

Under certain circumstances, the code would be changed but some
newlines would be removed, causing problems if there was a comment line
before the code you changed. Only affects developerd

Version 1.1

Only one major change. When someone was looking for a search string
and was using an array of data to find it, it wouldn't find the search
string even if it was technically correct (only need to know if
Another change is that EI will now check to see if some of your forum
files are editable before activating.
Files are now CHMODed when saving/creating if they aren't already
writeable. People have been complaining that EI isn't working. This is the
best I can do unless someone comes up with a better way...
Minor cosmetic changes include nicer code layout after a plugin has
been installed

Updating from 1.x versions
Because of such a large update, you will need to manually install this
plugin. There is a readme in the zip file.

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