Block proxy access to your site.
Version: 1.33
Autor: KimChoJapFan
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Hochgeladen: 20.01.2017
Letzte Aktualisierung: 03.08.2017
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ProxGFY Features:
  • Block all non-elite proxies from accessing the site.
  • Block all TOR traffic from accessing the site.
  • Block specific IPs from accessing the site.
  • Block specific VPNs from accessing the site.

How this works:
  • All non-elite proxies will announce their proxy status to the server so that's easy to filter out.
  • All TOR addresses are public, so that's easy to filter out as well.
  • Filtering out elite proxies requires manual additions to the blacklist.
  • Filtering out VPNs requires ASN data which includes subnet ranges.

Upcoming Features:
  • Include elite proxy blacklist.
  • Include anonymized email blacklist.

Just simply copy and paste the proxgfy.php and proxgfy folder into your inc/plugins folder. Once you've done that, you can then head to your ACP and enable the ProxGFY plugin.

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