Thankyou MyBB System

Add a fully thankyou system to MyBB. Add thanks button to postbit and a counter and more things, hide until thanks improvement working with AJAX
Version: 2.5.6
Autor: Dark Neo
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Hochgeladen: 03.09.2014
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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Let the users can use thanks button on postbit for all posts on there, adding capabilities to use hide tags inside your post and can see contents on that tag until you thank that post.

A lot of options are added, it's the same Thankyou MyBB System + rep + Myalerts but compatible with 1.8.x series.

1.- Thanks Counter for every post.
2.- Reputation System integration or not or rep and MyAlerts bridge if MyAlerts is present.
3.- AJAX technology performed.
4.- [???] Tag to add MyCode to hide contents until thanks every post (you can set your own tag, by default use hide).
5.-ModalBox list to show who thanked the post and list the latest 10 max in new window with option to see all thanks in new page.
6.- Templates to edit at your own and styleshet for an entire customization.
7.- List of thanks gived and received linked on postbit templates to show on all posts if you enable this feature.
8.- Usergroups who can see hidden content without reply, to review purposes and security.
9.- Usergroups who can´t see hidden content as guest, banned, until activation by default, but you can put at your own.
10.- Thanks button and al plugin styled with CSS.
11.- Multilang available to use this mod.
12.- Apply on all forums, because all users ever have the same problem of config mistake, but now all forums was taken.
13.- Total ammount of thanks per day by usergroup taken a task to run every day to set all counters to 0. (This can be enabled or disabled if you widh in this new version)
14.- Optimized server loads to do more usefull.
15.- Enabled cache to load or won't options to do more flexible and won't change nothing if you customize all plugin and decide to deactivate and activate again.
16.- Backup when you uninstall plugin if you wish to use all data after.
17.- Added more code options and fix all encountered bugs founded till now.
18.- Visual efects and more have changed to do more compatible with MyBB 1.8.x series it's recomended to use the latest one, tested on 1.8.3 version and programed in this, so maybe on lesser versions can not work fine, but only update MyBB and have to work.
19.- You can use hide tag or a customized tag to hide contents until thanks on every post. (This option was available since the first system for 1.6.x series but now this works on new 1.8.x series too).
20.- Add a button for sceditor to use with this system if you wish to use hide until thanks feature.
21.- Only works fine with 1.8.4 versions (since 2.5.2 version). Maybe some changes have to been made manually on your lesser 1.8.x versions .
22.- Works fine on 1.8.6 till latest 2.5.4 versión. And now you can update without lose any data. (Only upload new files run uninstall and then run install again, that´s all, all fields and new data records will be created and mod have to work in all senses).

NOTE: Use only this system on 1.8.x versions with themes for this release, if you have a lesser version 1.6.x use the system to that version, that's all  folks!!!

Enjoy it !!!

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