Stock Chart in Post v1.0

Add a stock Cart in Postbit
Version: 1.1
Autor: thor2705
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Hochgeladen: 22.10.2018
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Is adding a stock Chart in posts. 

Copy all the files in their respective folders on your server.
Activate from AdminCP

The chart can be adjusted directly in post, and it has quite a few settings.
Dark or light theme, the style of the chart (candlesticks, line, ..), the studies that can be done..
Some of the settings are also in the chart itself, most of them deal with the studies, you can tune them per your liking
To embed a chart in a post you have to use [stksymb] and [/stksymb] ...
It works for stocks but also for currency

TO BE ABLE to use it the user in post has to use the code tags:
[stksymb]{stock exchange},{stock symbol}[/stksymb] or [stksymb]{stock symbol}[/stksymb]
Some of the stock exchanges don't work.

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