Social Groups

Allows users to create their own groups with discussions
Version: 2.1
Autor: dragonexpert
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Hochgeladen: 16.09.2011
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.6.x
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This plugin allows forum members to create their own groups. It is similar to the social groups feature that Vbulletin has. When creating a group there are multiple options. The group creator may choose to have threads be private meaning nonstaff and members who aren't in the group are unable to view them. It also supports three options for joining a group. The first option is anyone can join the group. No approval is required. The second option is requests must be approved by the group creator. The final option is for the group to be staff only. Choosing this option will make it so only those who have either Mod CP access or Admin CP access can join the group.

The group creator is able to edit, approve, unapprove, or delete posts just like a moderator would normally be able to. The group creator is also able to lock, unlock, approve, unapprove, and delete threads within the group. Moderators are able to lock or unlock the group should they feel the need to.

This plugin also supports multiple group leaders with each having their own permissions.

As of release 2.0 there is now an option to support SEO urls.

For support post in this thread.


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