Basic slot system for Newpoints, which allows member to spend cash on slot machine and win or lose!
Version: 1.6
Autor: st1cky1cky
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Well, slots became outdated, and old and i thought it was a great modification that labracco had designed, still is a very great mod! But it needed to be re-modded to get it back up to date.

Slots is a fun little feature for your forum members to spend their points that is based on the modification ( Newpoints ) this mod use to be based on MYPS, but has been converted.

I'd like to thank:
Jesse Labrocca, for designing this wonderful Mod

x-Treme, for extensive amount of help with installing to my forum, and helping me get it compatible with 1.6.

And myself, for making a perfect hitting slot machine, basically you have a random slot now that if you hit 2 of same with the random slot you will win. So you only need 2 of a kind with random slot. Note: When you hit with random, you only receive x5, x10, x15 so its not as good payout!

For example, the green astric * is the random and i won!

Set your payout to 5 points, unless you want your member's getting mad rich! Haha.

How to set payout:
Admin CP > Settings > Slots, change from 10 to 5 & Save.

Enjoy, for support please visit and contact me there, thank you.


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