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Automated Contact Us Script By Sidd
Version: 3.1
Autor: svr2009wwe
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Hochgeladen: 08.06.2009
Letzte Aktualisierung: 17.01.2012
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.6.x
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IT IS BACK! Contact Us 3 is here!

Contact Us 3 has returned for your cool mybb forum, with look new look and many new features.

(If you are using Contact Us 1.0 or 2.0 then please update your plugin)


If you've installed mybb plugins before, than this is piece of cake for you. Skip to Step 7.

1.) Download/Upgrade Contact Us 3 Plugin
2.) Extract contact folder into your mybb root folder

If you do not know how to do step no. 2, do the following. Or you can skip to step no. 6

3.) Go to contact/ folder and copy contactus_send.php into your mybb root folder.
4.) Now go to contact/images folder and copy all images into your mybb installation folder/images folder.
5.) No go to contact/inc/plugins folder and copy contactus3 to your mybb installation folder/inc/plugins folder

6.) Login to your mybb admin panel, go to Plugin Section and you will see "Contact Us For MyBB".

7.) Active the plugin and go to Configuration>Settings.
8.) Now go to "Contact Us 3.1 Settings" and change all those settings which suits your forum better.
9.) When you install Contact Us 3.1, by default form is disabled.
10.) Just change the value of "Enable/Disable Contactus" to ON and Save Settings.

NOTE: Since ContactUs 3.0 is using MyBB inbuilt mail function (Special thanks to "labrocca".), you must configure MyBB mail correctly to make contact us form works perfectly.
If mybb mails works perfectly on your server than you do not need to configure it.
Or you can go to Configuration > Setting > Mail Settings and make appropriate changes.

New Features in Contact Us 3.1:

- Enhanced Security level of the form.
- Better Layout
- Css3 Support
- Much more flexible and customizable
- Usage of Lightbox than Pop Window

ENJOY! And if you like this plugin please donate me at [email protected] on PAYPAL.


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