Add a space for Facebook users to comment on your post as well as other forum users to share their opinions.
Version: 0.15
Autor: Fatal
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Hochgeladen: 16.06.2011
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This is facecomment. Allowing the user to add at the end of the post a space for Facebook users to comment on that post as well as forum users. Therefore, saving people time in the day having to go through the hassle of registering, verifing your email and all that jazz. Hope you enjoy! This is my second plugin made, please don't hate.


1.) Connect to your website via FTP (or web directory editor) and go to the folder: /MYBBMAINDIR/inc/plugins
2.) Simply upload the likeme.php into the folder.
3.) Then, go to the AdminCP and activate it.
4.) Go enjoy your comments amongst your forum!

Features to come in updates: 0.2+

- A few bug fixes here and there
- Nothing much else

One more note

Thanks for actually reading this readme. Any questions or comments email me at admin@coderzforum.com

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