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A Code Edit to replace raw url with titles of urls (with link checker)
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The Latest Release has only code edits. see here : This Thread

Also, the download file contains instructions.

This is a Code Edit for replacing raw urls in post to the titles of url

That is, whenever a user posts a link without text, that is,
the text shown will be the title of the url and the link will be the given URL.

  • NOTE :
    • I am not a professional Author, and also, all the codes are not mine in this plugin.
    • This is my first plugin. so, please give me a feedback.

    My Thanks and Credits goes to URL title look-upper by Hurring.com


* Made it a code edit rather than plugin for best results.
* Now Filesharing Link checker added (like, rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, etc.,).

Example :

code :


result :


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