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ACP Fast Drop Down Menus
Version: 0.2b
Autor: dvb
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Hochgeladen: 24.11.2008
Letzte Aktualisierung: 22.11.2008
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.4.x
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~ ACP Fast Drop Down Menus ~

Every time you just want to enter and make some simple administration actions,
you need to press again and again on different menus till you go.

BUT, that is the past,
Now, we have the Fast Menu plugin which add drop down menus to the ACP!

The plugin is currently one file only,
just upload the file fastmenu.php to the 'inc/plugins/' folder and activate.

The plugin support two types of customization, the position (placement) of the menus
and a customized spare menu for quick links. But for now you can customize
it only by editing the source.

  1. ~ Position:
    If you'll open the source of the plugin, you'll find on line 16:
    This is the constant that cause the fast menu to be on the top of the ACP,
    the other option is in the sidebar. If you want the fast menu to be in the sidebar just
    add two slashes ( // ) to the start of line 16.
  2. ~ Customized Menu:
    The links in the last menu 'Quick Links' are just an example I've put,
    you may put any other link, anything you want. Open the source, scroll to the end,
    the function fastmenu_quick_links() create that menu. It isn't hard to understand
    how to add/remove a link, just take a look.

This is how the menu is looking while on the top:

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