Country Flag in Postbit 2.0

Will show the country the user belongs to in symbolic look.
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Version 2.0
Compatible with MyBB 1.2.x
Feb 7th 2007


Will show the country the user belongs to in symbolic look.


Upload country.php to ./inc/plugins
Upload the flags folder to ./images
Go to Admin CP > Board Settings > Plug-in Manager > Activate

In each user’s profile edit page, a drop-down menu will appearing holding a list of all countries, the user may choose the corresponding one.
In case that user didn’t choose any, nothing will appear in his postbit.
In case he has chosen, the flag of his country will appear below the online status.

Extra Options
In Board settings > Change > Country flag, you may change the profile field you are using to get the entries from. As by default the plug-in uses the field created when the plug-in is activated. So in case you’d like to use any other field just put its ID.

You will have to edit the text in the plug-in file.

No previous version is compatible with 1.2.x.

Thanks for LAPESTURE for the idea
Zaher1988 – TECHEX – The Site

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