Additional Groups Images

Displays all the additional groups’ images in the user's post and profile.
Version: 2.0
Autor: zaher1988
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Hochgeladen: 15.12.2006
Letzte Aktualisierung: 22.03.2006
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.0x / 1.1x
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Additional Groups Images

Displays all the additional groups’ images in the user's post and profile.


Upload agi.php to ./inc/plugins
Go to Admin CP > Board Settings > Plug-in Manager > Activate

If a user has a secondary user group, or have joined an additional public or none public group, its image will appear below the one for the primary one in both the post-bit and his profile.

Post-bit Profile


 Additional groups’ images will appear in the user’s profile and each post the user makes.
 None determinate number of images, it is depending on the number of additional groups.
 Groups with the same image will have only 1 image referring to them in the mentioned place.
 Easy activate and deactivate.

Make sure that secondary group has a group image.

No translation needed, as it uses the default groups images used for the board.

Previous Releases:
Formerly known as, Secondary User group image in post bit <>.

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