Cash/Points/Bank plugin v1.2

A plugin to allow users to get money for their posts
Autor: decswxaqz
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Hochgeladen: 28.06.2007
Letzte Aktualisierung: 12.02.2006
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.0x / 1.1x
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A plugin to allow you users to gain cash for every post and thread they make and participate in.

Some features include
-Individual forum settings allow for users to gain more/less money in certain forums
-Donating. You can allow users to donate money to each other, with the option to send a PM when someone has donated
-Usergroup settings allow certain usergroups to gain a percentage increase on all posts they make. You can also limit how much a user in a usergroup gets for each post
-Statements to keep track of any donations or interest the user gets
-Interest. Want to be kind to your users? You can give them interest on their current bank account every day/week/month!

-Online editable language pack allows for easy changing of the text in this plugin
-Support for language packs. If you have more than one language pack installed on your forums (eg English & German), the plugin will load the cash mod language that is relevant for the current user

-3 donation button images are included, you can change which one to use in the Settings panel

You need Easy Install v1.2 or greater AND Advanced Plugins to install this plugin
To install, upload to inc/plugins/ and click on Activate in the plugins manager. You might need to CHMOD some files for EI to work. You will be notified if you have to.
Close your forums whilst you are installing and configuring this plugin!

Read the readme before activating the plugin! It has useful information. If people ask questions in the forums that are answered in the readme you will be referred to the readme.
This plugin is over 3000 lines of code. There _will_ be errors. If you can replicate the error, please tell me what you did and I will fix it. Saying "it's not working" is not useful because I don't know what is not working =/

Please see the cash mod thread for help and support

If you would like to translate this plugin, please PM me and I will give you some pointers on what you might need to change.
Translations: English, Dutch

(click images for larger version)

The settings panel

Forum options

Usergroup options

User CP changes

Welcome block changes



Search page

Language file editor (from readme)

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