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Thank You MyBB System + Rep + MyAlerts
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Thank You MyBB System + Rep + MyAlerts

Zitat:MyBB Thank You System v2.4
Compatibility: MyBB 1.6.x versions

Added thanks on profile and many other fixed bugs on this release...

Added compatibillyty with MyBB 1.6.14 and flex to add templates and stylesheets as needed.

Any changes maybe can made, but until now is the new version and it's a free release, you can use on your forums as you wish.

An easy way to thank post users, integratio with MyBB rep and MyAlerts indeed.
What do you need to know: This plugin has made for last MyBB version actually 1.6.13 (not released yet, but exist).
This mod is based on more than one thanks system actually used, but with more many options to customize them:

1.- Thanks Counter inside button thanks for every post.
2.- Reputation System integration or not or rep and MyAlerts.
3.- AJAX technology performed.
4.- [???] Tag to add MyCode to hide contents until thanks every post (you can set your own tag, by default use hide).
5.- Desplegable list to show or hide contents.
6.- Templates to edit at your own and styleshet for an entire customization.
7.- List of thanks given and received by one clic.
8.- Usergroups who can see hidden content without reply, to review purposes and security.
9.- Usergroups who can´t see hidden content as guest, banned, until activation by default, but you can put at your own.
10.- Thanks button and al plugin by CSS.
11.- Multilang available to use this mod.
12.- Apply on alll forums, because all users ever have the same problem of config mistake, but now all forums was taken.

NOTE: If you have a previouse version or some similar plugin only deactivate your plugin first at all (Actually using on your forums).
Then you have to UPLOAD this new files, only at this point. And finally go to your admin CP and activate this new plugin.
Configure at your own, customize styleshet thx_buttons.css and DNT thanks plugin templates as you wish and have to work.
For security purpposes don't change any values like CSS o your templates, to do that only have to change on stylesheet and that's all xD.

Enjoy it !!!

Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Thank You MyBB System + Rep + MyAlerts 2.3
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Thank You MyBB System + Rep + MyAlerts 2.4
Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Thank You MyBB System + Rep + MyAlerts 2.4.2
Ich habe ein Problem undzwar nutze ich das Plugin bei 1.8. Leider sagt das Forum nach der aktivierung des Plugins bei jeder Antwort auf ein Thema, das der Beitrag nicht exitieren soll. Hat von euch evtl. jemand eine Idee?

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