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Ircher Award X Rep Per Y Posts
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Ircher Award X Rep Per Y Posts

Zitat:Reward your active members by giving them reputation for posts! Has a few settings that should be perfect for you.

Upload the contents of the Upload folder to your mybb root.

In the mybb forums

- Admin define number of posts before rep bonus
- Admin define amount of rep to reward for reaching that number of posts
- Can be retroactive (ie, consider the past posts) RECOMMENDED SETTING
- Can also be active from the time the admin installs it

- I couldn't get it to run considering the thread numbers albeit the rep awarded in retro mode included thread number....

Todo List
- Squash the above bug
- Make it where it reverses the rep if posts are deleted. This is why retro mode is recommended as it cannot be abused by users making posts then deleting them then making them again.

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