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Hier das originale Interview mit Tom:
Tomm M schrieb:Hi Tom, how are you?
Hello! I'm very well thank you - it is always nice to be home after a long trip away.

How did you get into contact with MyBB as User and how did become involved in the MyBB developer team?
I first found MyBB when I was looking for an open sourced forum system. I had used IP.Board for years and needed something different. I wanted something more flexible, manageable and easily customised. I can't say MyBB was the most popular forum back in 2008 (SMF and phpBB the obvious winners here) but it was an easy choice for me - and for many others too, as MyBB's popularity has grown a lot over these last few years.

After a couple of weeks of using the software I was confident enough to answer support threads. Both me and current Support Team Lead Matt Rogowski were promoted to the MyBB Support Team around 6 months after I joined the MyBB community forum. I remember that I was really nervous sending in my application as Matt was the more popular choice. He always beat me to answering threads. I was sure he was some kind of robot!

Back then you could only access the development site if you were a team member. I started helping out with bugs, which was taking up more of my time than support, and not long after that I became a developer. 3 years later, hundreds of bugs fixed and thousands of lines of code changed - here we are today!

Do you own a forum by yourself and if so what is it about?
I wouldn't say I own a forum but I do provide one for support for my plugins - it's called Xekko Resources (http://resources.xekko.co.uk). I often try out unusual modifications there, such as an icon-based User CP or tableless themes.

Do you know how many installations of MyBB are around the world or is there an estimation existing?
There are no official estimates and although users can send us their technical information whenever they upgrade/install a MyBB forum we can't accurately predict it either.

What's the status quo of the MyBB 1.8 development and when is it supposed to release first beta-versions for the great community?
Our first beta release was originally planned for May. However, real life got in they way with both myself and Justin preoccupied with other things. That is a disadvantage to a volunteer organisation such as MyBB but at least we're not rushing it and creating more problems!

MyBB 1.8 started as a small update but it has since snowballed into a full feature release. You can expect a lot of things to change but don't worry, we aren't breaking any plugins. We're taking our time and, personally, think this will be the best MyBB release yet.

We would like to know some more details about the 1.8 ACP and Theme. Are you allowed to tell as bit more than already known by the MyBB Blog? We would be really happy if so! Wink
I suppose I could let you in on a few secrets! MyBB will feature fuzzy relative time (e.g. 2 minutes ago, 45 minutes ago) in 1.8 on top of the usual Today, 1:32pm timestamps. There are lots of small improvements that you probably didn't realise we're problems that we're fixing too such as using a datahandler for CAPTCHAs and logins (which will hopefully help integration with other software). For the ACP, we're improving our communication with administrators on the home page. We'll be integrating a small news feed and automating checks for updates to notify of new versions.

Which new features will be integrated in MyBB 2.0? There are a huge number of ideas, wishes, requirements (e.g. automatic update, Jabber-ID profile field, WYSIWYG editor, threaded PMs)?
I would definitely expect all of those in 2.0. You should expect features that are in modern forum systems - a more sophisticated reputation system, profile comments, Facebook/Twitter integrations and better forum management. 2.0, for example, has no Moderator Control Panel. Your User Control Panel takes over as a central place to go for updates, messages and managing the forum.

We've already been informed that MyBB 2.0 will be based on a new plugin system. However, we are really concerned about the existing plugins in our forums. Do you see any chance to use those plugins or themes as well in the version 2.0. What will be the changes?
I think you have to look at it in a different way but not to be concerned as much. MyBB 1.x will be supported for several years yet, it is a very popular forum system.

Just like when Windows releases a new version - 7, for example - creators of software update their work so it runs on the new system. I would imagine MyBB 2.0 to have this effect and if someone doesn't update a plugin I'm sure another member of the community will do it. 2.0 is an entirely different piece of software altogether but a step we must take if we want to get in front of our competition.

What about future perspective about MyBB and the support. Will it stay free-of-charge in the future?
I see our Support Team as one of the best - they take their own time to provide premium level one-to-one support you would expect from some of the larger groups. As I started as a Support Team member I know just how difficult it really is and I'm really proud of our Team. But it will always remain free as will MyBB itself.

Are you comfortable with the market side development of MyBB and as well happy about the development of MyBB as forum software?
My 'real life' job is in marketing and from my experience we are doing the best we can for such a small group of people. We have some awesome ideas in the pipeline for marketing and raising funds for the group which I hope will be available soon. We recently announced our new logo and mascot, which I will be proud to wear in the near future. Wink

As the lead developer I'm never happy with the development! I think people are quick to forget that we aren't like phpBB who have full time developers. We do this in our own time, providing our skills and experience for free and the results are that we have one of (if not the) best forum systems available for free. Honestly, 1.8 will be amazing. 2.0 will be out of this world. And we can't wait for everyone to see them!

How are your personal plans for the future in terms of MyBB?
I personally want to combat spam - something everyone hates. From my experiments I have been able to reduce spam registrations by 95% and the rest seem to be real humans, so I think they are a success. These will find their way into MyBB 1.8.

My own future will probably lie in MyBB's 1.x branch. Sadly I don't quite have the time for making a new forum software from scratch (2.0) which Pirata, dvb and Huji will be taking on, but I will joining in later on in the development process.

As usual in our interviews: we would like to get some hints from you for all the MyBB Admins.
As your community grows never underestimate the need for a clean filesystem. Keep MyBB and regular files separate (folders were invented for a reason!) which not only helps you keep organised it also allows you to spot anything that shouldn't be there. It also helps upgrading too.

Also, if you can, use MySQL 5.5 and PHP 5.3. Their performance benefits (alongside MyBB 1.6.9) will help speed up your forum.

Finally, of course, try to do something different that your rival websites don't do. Literally anything is possible with MyBB, you just have to think of it.

Last but not least: we would be interested in your personal wisdom you would like to spread around the world…. Wink
My grandfather taught me one vital lesson I wish others could learn from too: you will make many mistakes through life but they all make you a better person. The important piece is to protect those you love from making the same bad decisions you once did and remembering to help them when they don't listen to you and do it anyway.
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Wird das noch auf deutsch übersetzt?
(ich kann zwar Englisch aber was noch auf deutsch kommt das lese ich lieber in deutsch)
(26.06.2012, 20:17)MyBBoard.de Bot schrieb: Diskussion zu: Newsletter 2-2012
viele Grüße
übersetzte und eigene Plugins
... manchmal sieht man den Wald vor lauter bäumen nicht Wink
Danke für die Infos....

Den Tip des MovePosts-PlugIns habe ich direkt umgesetzt, ist zur Inline-Mod ganz brauchbar, wenn auch nicht zwingend notwendig.

Würde mir bei den Newslettern mehr Infos und News wünschen, langatmige Statements könnte man dafür ja weglassen....Blush

Gruss aus Thailand



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Hallo Juetzel,

vielen Dank für Dein Feedback! Smile

(27.06.2012, 04:46)Juetzel schrieb: Würde mir bei den Newslettern mehr Infos und News wünschen, langatmige Statements könnte man dafür ja weglassen....Blush

Könntest Du das bitte ein wenig erläutern? Was stellst Du Dir als Infos und News vor und was genau empfindest Du als langatmig?
viele Grüße
übersetzte und eigene Plugins
Super newsletter. Weiter so !
Hallo Forenteam,

der Newsletter ist nach meinem subjektiven empfinden strukturiert aufgegliedert und informativ.
Hab den zweiten jetzt auch gerne gelesen und bin der Meinung, "Macht weiter so"!


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