NewPoints is a complex but efficient and user-friendly points system for MyBB.
Version: 2.1.2
Autor: Diogo Parrinha
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Hochgeladen: 07.09.2014
Letzte Aktualisierung: 04.10.2021
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
Bisherige Downloads: 475
DisclaimerThis plugin is not officially supported by me anymore. We have closed our official website and do not provide support for any of our plugins. All premium plugins have been made available for free. Use at your own risk.

NewPoints is the best points system for MyBB. Efficient, feature rich and easy to use.

  • Main settings
    • NewPoints enabled.
    • Currency Name
    • Currency Prefix.
    • Currency Suffix.
    • Decimal places.
    • Statistics visible to users.
    • Donations enabled.
    • Send PM on donate.
    • Number of last donations to show.
    • Number of richest users to show.
  • Income settings
    • Points per post.
    • Points per thread.
    • Points per poll.
    • Points per character (on new post and new thread).
    • Minimum characters required to multiply points per character.
    • Points on registration.
    • Points per poll vote.
    • Points per reply (points given to the author of the thread).
    • Points per PM sent.
    • Points per page view.
    • Points per visit (MyBB Session).
    • Points per referral.
  • Seperated plugins system. (based on MyBB's plugins system)
  • Seperated settings system. (based on MyBB's settings system)
  • Upgrade system.
  • Maintenance page to recount points, reset points, edit user's points and reconstruct templates.
  • Easy-to-edit templates.
  • Forum Rules. (income rate, minimum points to view, minimum points to create a new post/thread)
  • User Group rules (income rate, amount of points to pay to this group, number of seconds between payments).
  • Task which creates a backup of NewPoints default tables as well as newpoints field in the users table. (backups are saved to admin/backups/backupnewpoints/)
  • Shows number of points in profile and post bit.
Change Log
  • Improved character count system (thanks to Omar G. -
  • Deleted users' posts would display 0 points and the donate link: when showing the user as "Guest"
  • Added donation spam control (default is 5 per 15 minutes) - except for users in group 4.
  • Points are now removed when soft deleting (but not removed twice if the post/thread is permanently)
  • Points are given back when restoring posts
  • Fixed bug in points deducted when deleting threads with replies (would deduct more points)
  • Editing soft deleted posts does not give/deduct points based on character count.
  • newpoints_add_setting will first check if it can update the setting rather than inserting one with a duplicate name (thanks to Omar G.)
  • newpoints_add_template will first check if it can update the template rather than inserting one with a duplicate name; it will also remove existing duplicate templates (thanks to Omar G.)
  • Fixed one bug related to the deleting posts action: points for replies wouldn't be counted properly some times
  • Added 'numeric' field type to settings.
  • Fixed a few other bugs.
  • Settings can now be translated on the front-end (see language file)
  • Points are not given if a new post or thread is automatically put into moderation.
  • Points are removed if a thread/post is unapproved.
  • Points are given back when a thread/post is approved.
  • Fixed bug in plugin compatibility check in ACP.
  • Recounting tool will only count visible posts and threads now.
  • send_pm function bug fixed (affected ACP in MyBB 1.8).
  • Added username styles to Statistics (except for second column of the Last Donations for performance reasons)
  • Compatible with MyBB 1.8.
  • Fixed bug in the points format, related to thousands and decimals separators.
  • Characters within quote tags are not counted anymore.
  • Guest posts / Deleted users' posts showed points in the user details section when in fact they don't have any possible points.

You can find the available NewPoints plugins here.

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