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Displays recent threads on index. Ajax enabled.
Version: 20
Autor: dragonexpert
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Hochgeladen: 20.09.2014
Letzte Aktualisierung: 09.02.2021
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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This is only compatible with 1.8.1 or newer.  This plugin displays the most recent threads from your forum on the index.  You have the ability to control which usergroups can use this feature, which forums to exclude from the results, and if you wish for avatar's to be shown.

1) Upload the zip file to your forum root directory.  Please note there should be a Recent Threads Folder that is in your inc/plugins directory.  This is to make it easier to maintain.
2) Activate in the Admin CP
3) Go to your index template and verify the variables {$recentthread_headerinclude} and {$recentthreadtable} exist.
4) Go to configuration and adjust settings as desired.

1) Uninstall the plugin in the ACP.
2) Upload the new file(s) to the appropriate folder.
3) Install and Activate in the ACP.
4) Verify that the variables {$recentthread_headerinclude} and {$recentthreadtable} are in the index template one time only.
5) Configure the various settings.

- Your forum must be eligible for support.
- Do not send me PMs unless I specifically request it.
- Post in this thread to receive support.

- Raise an issue on Github
- Post in This Thread

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