Custom Restriction

Allows to the admins/moderators set infinity restriction to user or usergroups! Try it!
Version: 8.0.1
Autor: The_Dark
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Hochgeladen: 01.12.2014
Letzte Aktualisierung: 20.03.2016
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.8.x
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Features v 8.0.1

- Ban specify users from specify forum (archive of that forum, also)
- Ban specify  usergroups from specify forum (archive of that forum, also)
- Ban specify users from specify specify thread (print and archive of that thread, also)
- Ban specify usergroups from specify thread (print and archive of that thread, also)
- Ban specify users from mp functions
- Ban specify usergroups form mp functions
- Admin can insert usergroups id (gid) that can insert specify users uids in them thread (before sending) and those users uids will be banned from that thread
- Author that is in that usergroup able of admin, of a specify thread, can insert specify uids banned from it
- Choose if set flood or not
- If the choice is yes, can set seconds that must pass form a post to other and users uid and forums fid affected from this restriction about custom flodding control system
- Custom Ajax error in new fast ajax reply
- and other..

Install the latest version


Delete all files about threadrestriction and customrestriction from your file system;
Dowload latest version;
Unzip all files;
Upload the /inc folder in principal r00t in your file system;
Go to ACP and activate this plugin!
Have funny!

Write in mybb plugin support of this site, for support about my plugin.

The default language is english!

About Project:

Stay tuned and make suggestions

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