Sidebarmybb will add collapse-able sidebar to your index page
Version: V 1.0
Autor: sunjava1
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Hochgeladen: 26.09.2011
Letzte Aktualisierung: 26.09.2011
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.6.x
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/* This plugin is made by sunjava1
* Sidebarmybb (MyBB 1.6.x)
* Copyright © 2011 Sunjava1, All Rights Reserved!

* Website:
* License:
* "This plugin is offered "as is" with no guarantees.
* You may redistribute it provided the code and credits
* remain intact with no changes. This is not distributed
* under GPL, so you may NOT re-use the code in any other
* module, plugin, or program.

* Free for non-commercial purposes!"
* Thank you, for your understanding!!

[~~~~~~~ How to Install ~~~~~~~~]

1. UPload the sidebarmybb.php to --------> inc/plugins/

2. UPload the images in your main image directory ---> images/

3. Upload the sidebarmybb.js to -----> jscripts/


1. Sidebarmybb V 1.0 has the ability to add a side bar in your index page.

2. You can add facebook plugins (like box, like button,) or you add your adds (google ads,

your local adds, etc) , mp3 players, flash objects , radios etc any thing you want.

3. You can add iframe objects too.

4. The side bar has a feature to collapse, (you can click on it, to collapse a sidebar, or

you can click on the main collapse button to hide all content of sidebar). This feature

is added because every one has its choice so visitoros who don't like sidebars they can
hide it.

5. Many other features has been planned in the next release.

6. Keep enjoy and be happy :D


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