This provides the files for including the Guild Wars 2 tooltip BBCode.
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Autor: Steve Moore
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As a fan of I decided that I should utilize the new GW2DB tooltip information.

This provides the files for displaying the tooltip properly within posts. This is not for fun but for those who intend to run Guild Wars 2 sites or those who already do.

Not in this release:
  • Skill Calculator
  • Recipe Tooltip
  • Achievement Tooltip
  • Skill Tooltip
  • Guild Upgrades Tooltip
  • Map Tooltip/Display

Will have a quick release to add more features.

To install:
1. Upload all contents of /images/, /inc/, and /jscripts/ to the same area your MyBB installation is located
2. Open up your boards ACP
3. Go to ACP > Configuration > MyCode
4. Click 'Add New MyCode'
5. Do the following below

Quote:Title: GW2BBCode (Can be whatever you want)
Short Description: This adds the tooltip for linking of items from's GW2DB database.
Regular Express: \[gw=(.*?)\](.*?)\[/gw\] (You can use whatever you wish in place of gw)
Replacement: <a class="listing-icon" href="$1">$2</a> (Do not alter this)
Enabled: Yes
Parse Order: 0 (Can be any number you want)
6. Save and done

As I expand on this more I will include more MyCode's. Looking to add Recipes and Achievements next.


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