Joining Twitter with Mybb
Version: 2.4
Autor: SupaComix
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.4.x
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NOTE: If you have version any previous version of MyTwitterBB then please backup your users twitter account names as this update requires a proper re-install of all fields and data. So any usernames used would be lost. This should hopefully be the last time that we do it as i have just implemented code to support upgrades.

MyTwitterBB is a plugin for MyBB 1.4.x which does two things:

1. MyTwitterBB Global

This will allow you to display a single feed somewhere on your forum. So if you for example have a company twitterfeed that you want tied to your forums then when you have entered the username you will be able to put it anywhere within your forum. All you need to do is to put {$template->mytwitterbb} into any template using your admin control panel.

You can change how it is displayed as well as the class or even the style.

2. MyTwitterBB Profile

This will add an extra field for your users to enter. They will be able to add in their own twitter username, and then (if you enable it in the admin panel) it will automatically update their usertitle status on page load. Meaning that your forum members accounts are tied directly into their mybb forum accounts.

Change Log
Version 2.3 -> Version 2.4
- Added the ability for admins to set it so that MyTwitterBB does not change the users title, meaning that they're tweets can only be seen on the profile page
- Change the time difference between tweets to 5 minutes rather than 10.
- Set it so that users using MyTwitterBB will have their original user titles reset if the plugin is disabled

Version 2.2 -> Version 2.3
- Added support for html special characters allowing the display of language characters from hebrew, german, etc.

Version 2.1 -> Version 2.2
- Support for hashtags
- Changed code that identifies html links
- MyBB Global now supports more than one url.

Version 2.0 -> Version 2.1
- Fixed a minor bug where it appears that the tweets are cascading style sheet data.

Version 1.0 -> Version 2.0
- Complete change of code from Version 1.0 so that the workload of the forum when a page is loaded is lessened and it now uses Mybb Task manager system.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank
- surfichris who was the one to suggest the changes to allow a more efficient version of the plugin.
- Everyone at the Survivors Diary forums. They have been the guinea pigs of the previous versions including Beta testing.
- okitai for helping me develop the support for language characters
- for suggesting some new features for mytwitterbb


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