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Autor: Smethead
Deutsche Übersetzung: Michael
Hochgeladen: 13.12.2006
Letzte Aktualisierung: 31.01.2010
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Kompatibilität: MyBB 1.0x / 1.1x
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Mod Name: Alternative Reputation System
-> An alternative reputation system for MyBB
Author: Smethead (
Version: 2.5 (May 9th, 2006)
Required: MyBB 1.02 (January 12th, 2006) or higher.
Included Files:
║ ╚═nars.lang.php
║ ╚═nars.lang.php
║ ╚═nars.lang.php
║ ╚═nars.lang.php
║ ╚═nars.lang.php
║ ╚═nars.lang.php
║ ╚═nars.lang.php
� The reputation works with numbers instead of bars.
� Users can give reputations via the Profile, a Post or the
Reputation Details page.
� Users can give a reputation to a member only once, but they are
able to change their given reputation.
� The page from where you opened the popup automatically refreshes
when you give or update a reputation.
� All members can see details of given reputations on the
repdetails.php page.
� This page can be accessed via their Profile, UserCP, a post they
made, in the Member List, and other places (depending on which other
plugins you have installed).
� On the Reputation Details pages, you can see how many percent of
the awarded points are positive, neutral, and negative.
� You can't give reputation points to a user who hasn't posted yet.
It's useless to give a reputation to someone who hasn't posted when you
don't have anything to comment on.
� The amount of points members give can be chosen by the members
� The maximum amount depends on their usergroup and this can be
changed via AdminCP.
� When adding or updating a reputation, the amount of points you'll
give are shown.
� When updating a reputation, the reputation type (positive,
negative, neutral) and comments you gave previous time is shown.
� You can make the plugin recount the reputations. This is useful
when the standard MyBB reputation system was used before installing the
mod. You can access this in the Plugin Manager in your AdminCP.
� Recounting reputations merges reputations that were given by the
same member. It also actually recounts the reputations so there are no
mistakes shown.
� Members can report a reputation and Rep-Moderators can delete or
un-report them.
� When an Rep-Moderator decides to delete a reputation, they have
the option to send a warning message via pm or not.
� You can set how much warnings a user may receives before being
banned. You can also set how long the user will be banned.
� You can choose which usergroups are Rep-Moderators, even if you
created custom usergroups.
� Admins can change settings and colours via AdminCP >> Board
Settings >> Change >> Alternative Reputation System
� Language support for Dutch, English, German (formal and informal),
Simplified Arabic, Italian and Spanish. The language is automatically set
to the one the user has chosen for MyBB.
� Don't worry if your language isn't in it. If the file doesn't
exist, english will be used.
� If you need to deactivate the plugin for a while, it automatically
creates a backup with your settings, reported reputations, and
reportwarnings. (This can be turned off)
� Compatible with decswxaqz' 'Advanced Plugins'-plugin to check for
updates. (FAQs and Changelog can also be read when using that plugin.)
� Members can choose whether to make the reputation viewable for all
members. If not, only Rep-Moderators, the member who got the rep and the
member who gave the rep can see it.
� Hidden reputations are marked by a * on the reputation details
� You can also view all the reputations given by a certain member.
These links are in the profile page and on the repdetails pages.
� Rep-Moderators can see who reported a certain reputation.
� You can select who you want to be able to see the reputation
� You can set the option that people need to achieve a certain
amount of posts before they can submit a reputation.
� You can set the option to deny reputations without comments.
� Warning PM's also say what comment was deleted and who it was
given to.
� You can set a UserID from an existing member as a default user to
send the Warning PM's. This way you can use some kind of BOT to send the
� You can see all the members' reputation points on the Member
� You can sort the members on the Member List by their reputation

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