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Zitat:Overview :
This plugin allows you to forbid users from posting in specific forums if they don't post in other sections.

Options :
- Sections which are concerned by the system
- Maximum messages that can be posted in a row, in those sections
- Needed posts count in other sections to unset the antiflood
- Notification text

Note :
FID = Forum ID
You can get it by hovering the link of the specific section, you get for example : forumdisplay.php?fid=5
Means the FID is 5

Github : https://github.com/DD-GitH/mybb-anti-flood-leech
Support : https://developement.design/forum/Forum-support--13
Website : https://developement.design/
Skype : ef.team
Email : [email protected] (for business only)

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