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Style your thread title for newpoints v1.0
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Style your thread title for newpoints v1.0

Zitat:Hello everyone !
You can help us with a donation and support our contributions, this will encourage us very much to give more

Overview :
This plugin allows users to style their thread title during several days by paying a specific amount (Newpoints).

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_7c3G1OpAw]

Options :
There are two types of styles, so you can separate into normal ones (color only) and special ones (with images or other code of your choice)
- Price
- Duration
- Style patterns

Requirements :
This plugin requires "Newpoints"

Upload the file in : \inc\plugins\newpoints\

Github : https://github.com/DD-GitH/style-thread-...-newpoints
Website : https://developement.design/
Skype : ef.team
Email : [email protected] (for business only)

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