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Classic Blue
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Classic Blue

Zitat:Classic Blue is remake of a old theme TheTechGame.com used back in 2011. This theme is a nice white and blue theme for almost any type of forum.

You MUST upload everything in the Upload folder to your site!

After installing disable "Friendly Redirect Pages" from your Admin CP on your forum for a better experience well using the theme.

Admin CP -> Configuration -> General Configuration -> Friendly Redirection Pages 

Disable that and now go to your plugins and find "Inline Success Messages" and activate that plugin.

Note: Somethings in this theme may not be the exact some as the old TTG 2011 theme this includes:
 - The portal.
 - The profile page.
 - The staff page.
 - The header.

Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Classic Blue 1.4

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