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Zitat:Integration with free phone app qrLogin.

Site: qrlogin.info

Demo forum: Demo myBB

qrLogin is an authentication system based on the reading of the qrcode by the mobile phone and the transfer of authentication data via the http/https protocol to the application or to a web resource.
The mobile application qrLogin by reading of a specially generated qr-code allows:
  • To authenticate on a web resource or in an application;

  • To subtract and save account data;

  • To subtract the credentials of the new account, generate a password or key and send these data to the server to complete the registration of this account.
qrLogin is the unique thing you need to enter the web page.
To log in to the web resource, run qrLogin and scan the qr-code in the form of authentication on the web page or in the application.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the mybb/inc/plugins directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen

  3. Use the Settings->qrLogin screen to configure the plugin

  4. Users can load app for phone and save account from User Profile
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