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Portal Announcement Cutoff
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: Portal Announcement Cutoff

Zitat:Portal Announcements are great but they show all the post content; if you want to trim down the size of the portal announcements then this plugin will set a limit on the number of characters shown in an announcement. The plugin adds an ellipse at the end of the shown text and a read more link.

  • The announcement cuts off at a full word, not half way through

  • The read more link is stylable as a button or as a link after the ellipses

  • If the announcement is shorter than the limit then no read more link is displayed.

Known Issues
  • The plugin will display malformed BB code if the end tag is outside the range of the cut off. Please see the screenshots.

Where to find the settings?

The settings are incorporated into the portal settings in the Portal settings in your ACP.

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