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VIP Membership
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Zitat:Note: this is not related payments, at all. Users are manually upgraded through this system, by administrators.


Allows admins to move users to certain groups for a certain period of time and put them back to a group of their choice once the expiration date has passed.
Admins are PM'd when someone adds someone to a new membership.
Admins are PM'd when someone's membership expires.
Users whose membership expires, are alerted too. (via PM)

Change Log
 * 1.6

Added compatibility with MyBB 1.8.
Fixed bug related to settings, in the task.
"End" link would show in Expired memberships tab.

 * 1.5
Fixed a typo in a function name (send pm function).

 * 1.4
Fixed bug in pagination.

 * 1.3
Added compatibility with MyBB 1.6

 * 1.2
Fixed bug in language file.

 * 1.1
Added the possibility to run the query to check for expired memberships off task - recommended for large boards
Now you can add life time memberships by settings the year, month, days, hours, minutes and seconds fields to 0

Only paid subscribers at http://www.mybb-plugins.com can get support.

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