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Image Filter GD
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Zitat:Image Filter GD is a set of image effects filters that can be applied to a linked image using a MyCode tag. Transparency is retained for most transparent GIF and PNG images.


  • brighten: Lightens a darker image.
  • brush: Adds a slight dabbed, brushed effect to an image.
  • darken: Darkens an overly bright image.
  • edgedetect: Highlights borders between colors on an image. Similar to emboss.
  • emboss: Adds a stamped metal effect to an image.
  • flip: Flips an image vertically.
  • grayscale: Converts color image to black & white.
  • mirror: Produces a mirrored reflection of an image.
  • negative: Produces a photo negative of an image.
  • pixelate: Pixilates an image.
  • sephia: Adds an aged photo effect to an image.
  • sharpen: Sharpens an blurred image.
  • sketch: Adds a sketched, comic book effect to an image.
  • smooth: Slightly blurs an overly sharpened image.


  • Only supports GIF, PNG and JPG/JPEG images.
  • If using the Image Resizer & Optimizer GD plugin, you must set the Overide dynamic resizing and optimization to On.
  • Only the first frame of animated GIF images is processed. Therefore the image is returned as a static image.


  • PHP 5.4+ with bundled GD
  • fopen wrappers enabled in php.ini


1. Unpack the Image Filter GD zip file and upload imagefilter_gd.php and the imagefilterGD folder to in inc/plugins directory.
2. Go to your Admin Plugins Manager and activate Image Filter with GD.
3. Go to your Admin MyCode Manager and create a new MyCode tag. Give it a title and description.
4. Enter the following code as the Regular Expression.


5. Enter the following code as the Replacement.

<img src="http://myboard.com/path/to/inc/plugins/imagefilterGD/image_filter.php?filename_gd=$2&filter_gd=$1&" alt="$2" title="$2" />

6. Enable the MyCode tag. Plugin has no settings. Enable/Disable via the MyCode Manager.

Example MyCode Tag:


Filter Examples:

[Bild: http://mods.mybb.com/uploads/previews/74....thumb.jpg]

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