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MyAlerts Moderation Alerts Pack
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Moderation Alerts Pack
Add more alerts to the most efficient notification plugin ever made! Now compatible with MyAlerts 1.04!
Moderation Alerts Pack is an extension made for euantor's MyAlerts plugin with the aim to add more alerts and events to be notified of.

Since its early development, euantor's MyAlerts plugin really attracted me. In a rising social-dependent world, a notification system is practically a must. To whom is now asking himself what MyAlerts is, this plugin is actually the best - and I guess the only one - notification system for MyBB that works, and works quite well.

The only point I have to complain about it - there aren't too many notifications, at the moment only 5 actions are being notified to users. To be honest, euan's work is awesome, he developed an high quality plugin which fortunately is extensible. And that's the reason why I said "why don't you help him adding other notifications, Shade?".

The fact is, I'm developing a personal board which will be my starting point for a big - hopefully huge - community I already maintain in an other community software. And I want to bring my users the best user experience, so a greater notification system would really be the best thing for me. And that's why, after too many questions I asked euantor, I've developed a stand-alone plugin aimed for everyone who wants more notifications in their dropdown lists Toungue

After I opened a thread in Development Forum, Crayo pointed out that "For smaller communities when such actions don't exist that often, the plugin would be pointless. Even for some big-boards you don't go around warning people all the time, there is no need to tell them their thread has been closed as they are bound to know (same applies to all the other thread related ones). I do like the thread moving one however, that can help newer users.

Maybe it's just me but I would much rather you combine it with other popular MyBB plugins. For example, you can integrate the tagging plugin, the awards plugin, the like plugin, the MyAchievements plugin, as I would much rather users be alerted with that type of information - that they would certainly find useful - than random moderator actions.
". And that's why I considered to make two plugins: MyAlerts Moderation Alerts Pack features the most significative moderation actions done within your Board, whereas MyAlerts Plugins Alerts Pack, which its development has started and its currently awaiting approval here at the Mods Site, featuring integration between the most common plugins in MyBB's world and MyAlerts itself.

Thanks to all the guys who tested my plugin. Their positive feedbacks encouraged me to release it before the development of every single action - which will be soon finally complete.

Feature listing
At the moment, MyAlerts Moderation Alerts Pack comes with a lot of additional alerts. Its settings are safely added to existing MyAlerts settings group and updated consequently: you can obviously turn on and off them as you would do with the standard 5 alerts. You can be notified:

  1. When someone edits your posts
  2. When someone deletes your posts
  3. When someone deletes your threads
  4. When someone opens your threads
  5. When someone closes your threads
  6. When someone approves your threads
  7. When someone unapproves your threads
  8. When someone moves your threads in another Forum
  9. When someone warns you
  10. When someone revokes you an active warning
  11. When someone suspends/unsuspends you from posting
  12. When someone suspends/unsuspends your signature
  13. When someone sets/unsets your posts to be moderated
  14. When someone edits your signature

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Eine neue Version wurde veröffentlicht: Moderation Alerts Pack 2.0-1

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