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Remember Us?
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Zitat:Compatible with MyBB 1.4.x and 1.6.x

This plugins allows you to send out reminders/e-mails to a filtered group of users. You can set an unlimited amount of conditions on which to filter users. Here is a list of fields on which you can filter:
- User ID
- Username
- Usergroup ID
- E-mail
- Number of posts
- Registration date
- Last active date
- Last post date
- Reputation
- Away status
- Return date
- Registration IP
- Last used IP
- Time spend online
- Language
- and any custom field you have
Note: users that disabled the option to receive e-mails from the administrator will be automatically omitted. They will not get any e-mail, regardless that they meet the conditions or not.

Aside from the more conventional things; like targeting users with a specific usergroup, e-mail provider, etc; you can do much more powerful things like:
- target users who registered before a specific date
- target users who have been inactive for a specific amount of time (We miss you-email)
- target users based on their gender
- target users based on their language so you can send the message in the preferred language of the user
- etc ...
You will probably find more use cases yourself but you can always take a look in the plugin's thread on the MyBB community forum for more examples. If you're having trouble setting up the conditions, don't hesitate to ask in the same thread.
Please also read the conditions.html from the zip or click the help button in the plugin to learn more about the conditions.

Reminders can be resend to the same users at a specific interval. Users that still meet the conditions after that period of time, will get the same e-mail again. Of course you can also choose to send a reminder only once to every user.

When creating your message you have a few placeholders you can use, like {username}, {email}, etc ... Those placeholder will be replaced with the right information for the user that will receive the e-mail.

The plugin will send both HTML and text e-mails by default. If the option is selected, the text message will be automatically generated from the HTML message but you will still have to review and confirm the message. To test how the e-mail will look like in different e-mail clients, you can send a test mail to multiple e-mail addresses. The placeholders in the message will be replaced with the information from the current user.

Every e-mail that will be send out will have a default unsubscribe disclaimer and hyperlink. If the user clicks that link in the e-mail message, he will not receive any e-mail anymore sent by the plugin. This will only apply to this plugin and not e-mails that are sent with the default mass mail feature of MyBB or other plugins.
There is a special placeholder: {unsubscribe_link}. This placeholder allows you to override the default disclaimer so you can make the unsubscribe link better fit in with the layout of the e-mail message. The placeholder only holds the URL to the unsubscribe page so you have to manually put it in an anchor tag.

You can find out which reminders were sent to which users and also who unsubscribed in the log tab. The log can be filtered both on username and reminder.

[Bild: http://mods.mybb.com/uploads/previews/38....thumb.png] [Bild: http://mods.mybb.com/uploads/previews/38....thumb.png] [Bild: http://mods.mybb.com/uploads/previews/38....thumb.png]

Please only report bugs or any other problem in the plugin thread or the Plugin Support subforum on the MyBB Community Forum. I can not respond to comments/reviews on mod site.

This plugin will always be free but if you like this plugin and want to support the further development of this and my other plugins, feel free to donate. Not doing it doesn't restrict you or the functionality of this plugin in any way.
Donate. Thank you!

You can help to spread the word and promote this plugin:
- share the link to either the thread or this page on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, ...)
- give this plugin a good review on the mod site.
- rate this plugin on the mod site.
- comment in the plugin thread on the MyBB Community Forum
- tell your friends about the plugin

Plugin author: http://community.mybb.com/user-3840.html
Plugin thread: http://community.mybb.com/thread-95719.html

ich habe zwar bereits im mybb.com Forum geschrieben, aber ich frage hier auch einmal nach:

Ich habe das Plugin in den entsprechenden Ordner hochgeladen, im Admin CP installiert und aktiviert. Nur wird unter Benutzer und Gruppen nichts dergleichen angezeigt. Daran, dass nicht alles hochgeladen wurde, kann es nicht liegen, da die zweite Admina ebenfalls noch einmal alle Dateien hochgeladen hat...

Was kann ich tun?

Liebe Grüße!
Wahrscheinlich muss das Plugin an MyBB 1.6.5 angepasst werden: http://community.mybb.com/thread-108595.html
[Bild: banner.png]

Bitte die Foren-Regeln beachten und im Profil die verwendete MyBB-Version angeben.
Hallo Stefan,

danke für die schnelle Antwort. Jetzt funktioniert es Smile Danke für den Link! Smile
Jetzt gibt es nur ein Problem: das Plugin lässt sich installieren & aktivieren, aber ich finde nicht, wo man es konfigurieren kann, also den Text eingeben usw.

In der Install.txt steht: 3) Go to AdminCP > Users & Groups > Reminders to start setting up reminders

Aber da ist nichts.

Auch der Tipp

Translations can be found in the ./inc/plugins/rememberus/lang/ folder. Copy the english/ directory
and rename the new folder to the name of the language. Make sure this is called the same as the
language pack in MyBB is called.

funktioniert nicht.

Kann mir da jemand helfen? Oder gibt es ein anderes Plugin mit der gewünschten Funktion?
Es werden Sprachdateien nicht am richtigen Ort sein vermute ich.
Hast du wirklich alle englischen Sprachdateien auch in die dazugehörigen Sprachordner für deutsch hochgeladen?
Ich denke schon. Zumindest weiß ich nicht, was ich noch tun sollte. Hat hier jemand dieses Plugin und kann helfen?
Du musst doch nur die Sprachdateien, die dabei sind, in deinen Sprachordner kopieren. Heisst z.B. inc/languages/english/example.lang.php in inc/languages/deutsch_du/example.lang.php.
(16.02.2012, 21:12)Falkenauge Mihawk schrieb: Du musst doch nur die Sprachdateien, die dabei sind, in deinen Sprachordner kopieren. Heisst z.B. inc/languages/english/example.lang.php in inc/languages/deutsch_du/example.lang.php.

Das habe ich, aber es unter Benutzer & Gruppen ist nichts zu sehen. Hat noch einer eine Idee? Oder eine Alternative?

Hast du auch die Sprachdateien vom Ordner admin in den admin-Ordner von deinem Sprachpaket kopiert?