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Guests Registration Invite
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Zitat:Plugin: Guests Registration Invite
The plugin is showing a bar to the: guests, users that require authentication, banned users. The bar has different colors and messages for different users.
At this moment the plugin is translated in english, french, italian and romanian, dutch, hebrew, bulgarian (if any of you want to help me with the translation in other languages please do and I will give you credits for it - normal)
Edit : Now the plugin can be used also by the forums that use RTL languages (hebrew, arabic...).
Please replace the regbar.css file with the one provided. Please visit: http://community.mybboard.net/thread-46952.html for the css file
How to install:
Copy the file warnguests.php in: /inc/plugins folder
Copy the file warnguests.lang.php in: /inc/languages/YOUR LANGUAGE folder
Copy warning.gif and warning1.gif in: /images folder
Copy regbar.css in: /css folder (if it doesn't exist create one in the root of your forum)
Activate from AdminCP

Live Demo: http://eduard.homedns.org/forum/index.php
for guest, don't log in
for banned user use:
user: test1234
password: test1234
For the user awaiting activation:
user: test123456
password: test123456


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