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MyBB->Gravatar Integration
Eine neue Erweiterung wurde veröffentlicht: MyBB->Gravatar Integration

Zitat:This is a pretty nifty plugin, which makes changes to the frontend of your forum to "integrate" MyBB with Gravatar. If you aren't familiar with Gravatar, it is an avatar hosting service - allowing you to host your avatars, and automatically display them on sites you post on - detecting your unique avatar via your email address. Gravatars also allow you to have multiple "ratings" - like movie classifications, so that good sites will let you see X rated Gravatars, while pathetic sites will only let you see G rated ones.

That was a pretty poor explanation, but meh. This plugin detects whether you have a Gravatar or not and if you do, it displays it as your avatar.

This plugin is in very early development - but I am actually interested in this one, so future releases will ensue.

Added MyBB Settings

1. Maximum Gravatar Rating - The maximum rating for Gravatars that your users are allowed to see - can be G, PG, R or X.
2. Gravatar Size - Gravtars are perfect squares, so their width and height are the same. You can change that with this setting.
3. Default Gravatar - If a user does not have an Avatar or Gravatar, this image is shown instead. By default, it shows no image.

Future Releases

Yes, I actually have features planned. By my own admission, this is relatively poorly coded, and does not utilise MyBB's true flexibility. Template edits could be too much of a hassle for different themes, so I just hooked into places where the avatar is shown - which is a dirty trick.

Next release, I'll change it so that it just detects if you have a Gravatar, and if you do - physically set your avatar to that URL, and cache an expiry date, so the Gravatar updates every now and then. It'll reduce the code a fair bit too.

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