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Zitat:Simply put, MyPlaza is a powerful MyBB plugin, adding a money/shop system to your MyBB boards.
MyPlaza is a very complex MyBB plugin, with a plethora of features. Here's a "quick" summary:

* Powerful shop system with many features - just to name some:
o Obviously, the ability to change the cost of items, including global rates for them, and the ability to set different premium rates for each usergroup.
o Ability to set a stock limit for items.
o Ability to define restocking amounts and periods for items.
o Ability to set purchase limits for items, including time periods.
o Ability to set icons for each of your items and categories to help give them a special touch Toungue.
o Ability to set and define custom formatting for each of your categories and items.
o Ability to set usergroup permissions on different categories, and hide certain items - plenty of flexibility in controlling permissions.
o Ability to hide individual items from the stats page.
o Number of purchases made by a user, and for items are recorded.
o Full logging of all purchases.
o Fully customize your money system - from options, such as the name of the currency, to the number of decimal places used.
o Includes a stats page, and a user purchase history page, in addition to the plaza.
* Extensible through modules - The MyPlaza framework is an excellent platform on which modules can be built upon. This, being one of the key features of MyPlaza is a large discussion topic on its own. See below for information on included modules.
* Enhnaced by JavaScript and AJAX - Allowing many actions to be performed without requiring full page loads. This reduces server load, reduces bandwidth consumption & loading times, and looks much nicer. Users with Javascript disabled are also catered for.
* Powerful administration options - Mass move/handle items, log viewing and deleting, setting users' money plus a mass money reset features... there's too much to mention.
* MyBB Integration - MyPlaza was designed to be integrated with MyBB (and MyBB alone). The integration is "seamless", using MyBB's theme, language and plugin systems and taking advantage of the many features offered by MyBB.
* Easy to manage - With automatic updating capabilities, ability to directly install extensions without the need for using FTP (including a full automated backup system), quick links sprinkled around the AdminCP and a streamlined interface, administering MyPlaza is easy.
* Secure - all queries pass to the database are escaped and permissions and SIDs are checked for all actions. This ensures your board is safe from attacks such as CSRF or request forging.
* Speed - MyPlaza employs many optimization techniques to ensure your board is not bogged down by slow code. With many optimized queries, caching and the use of shutdown functions, you can be sure that MyPlaza will have a minimal effect on your server resources.
* Organization - A large focus has been placed on making MyPlaza very user friendly - to users and admins alike. The front-end is easy to understand and navigate. The AdminCP has been designed with minimal clutter in the CP menu, and large amounts of settings are grouped.
* Easy Installation - MyPlaza no longer requires any code modifications to be performed, meaning that you just simply upload and activate. Many checks are performed to ensure that it's a painless process.
* Many other features - Attention to detail was a key thought during the development phase, and many undocumented features are present to make MyPlaza just that every bit better.

Included Module Files
Modules extend the capability of MyPlaza. Below is a list of modules which come included with this package, with a summary of features.

Income Module
The Income Module adds the ability for users to earn money from various activities on the board.
* Many sources for income earning.
o New posts, including bonus money to thread creator, bonus money for extra characters used in the message and subject, and you can specify a minimum length before any of the previous is earnt.
o Editing a post.
o Making a thread (all sources of income for the post also applies).
o Viewing a thread (paid to thread creator).
o Making a poll.
o Voting in a poll, plus bonus money to the poll creator.
o Reporting a post.
o Referring a user, plus bonus money to the referred user.
o Rating a thread, plus money towards the thread creator for being rated.
o Rating a user, plus money towards the user for being rated, plus additional money for each character used in the comment.
o Sending a PM, plus bonus money for each character used in message and subject, and you can also specify a minimum length before any of these qualify.
o Viewing an (unread) PM.
o Uploading an attachment.
o Viewing any page on the forum.
o Sticking a thread.
o Closing a thread (negative income).
* Ability to change rate at which usergroups earn income.
* Ability to change rate at which income is earnt for different forums.
* Ability to change the global rate at which income is earnt.
* Ability to change "negative income" rates.
* You can recalculate everyone's income.
* All deletions are calculated correctly, and remove the appropriate amounts.
* All queries have been optimized.
* No code edits required.

Donate Module
The Donate Module adds the ability for users to donate money to other users.
* Can turn on/off PM sending when a donation has occurred.
* Adds AJAX interface to the postbit.

Bank Module
The Bank Module adds the ability for users to store their money away, to earn interest.
* Admin selectable interest rate and compounding period.
* Adds AJAX interface to the plaza.

Inventory Module
The Inventory Module allows admins to add collectable items.
* Add/remove items from the AdminCP.
* Each item - you can choose whether it's sellable, displays on the postbit, and also a large item image.
* Adds an inventory page for users.
* Can disallow users accessing other users' inventory pages, disable global selling and item sending.
* Can choose whether PMs should be sent when an item is sent to another user.
* Can choose rate at which items are sold.
* Optimized - uses query caching techniques to ensure that it doesn't slow down your board.

Change Username/Usertitle/Post Formatting
This module adds items which allows users to change the formatting used for their username/usertitle or the default formatting for their posts.
* On installation, users can change the colour and font of their username, usertitle and posts.
* Admins can define more CSS styles which users may customize. These can also be protected from CSS injection with Regex filtering.

Change Username/Usertitle
Adds items to allow users to change their username or usertitle.

Stick Thread
Adds an item to allow users to stick a thread.

More modules are planned - remember this is still a development version!

More information, including documentation can be found at the MyPlaza Website.
See also: MyBB community thread: http://community.mybboard.net/showthread.php?tid=25883

Ich habe mir eben die neueste Version für MyBB 1.2.10 installiert, aber leider ist alles auf englisch. Ergo: Ich verstehe leider nicht alles!

Ich hätte gern gewußt, wo es die deutsche Sprachdatei(en) dazu gibt. Außerdem wollte ich ganz gern das Plugin als virtuelles Zahlungs-System für Bücher-Flohmarkt (private Verkäufe) nutzen. Ist es mit diesem Plugin möglich? Ich hatte schon den Inventory-Shop installiert, aber das ist ja auch doof und leider nicht dafür geeignet.

Wäre für Hilfe echt dankbar!

LG, Elke!
Deutsche Sprachdateien sind mir nicht bekannt. Ob das Plugin für sich geeignet ist, weiß ich auch nicht, da ich das Plugin nicht kenne und nicht weiß, was du brauchst.
[Bild: banner.png]

Bitte die Foren-Regeln beachten und im Profil die verwendete MyBB-Version angeben.
Ich wüsste auch gerne ob es dieses Plugin auch auf Deutsch gibt.

Würde es so gerne nutzen... Cool
Dragon schrieb:Deutsche Sprachdateien sind mir nicht bekannt.
[Bild: banner.png]

Bitte die Foren-Regeln beachten und im Profil die verwendete MyBB-Version angeben.
Und jemand anders vielleicht?
hab grad mal die beiden Sprachdateien übersetzt, Module folgen demnächst

Angehängte Dateien
.rar   deutsch_MyPlaza.rar (Größe: 5,93 KB / Downloads: 17)
"Die verhängnisvolle Neigung der Menschen, über etwas, was nicht mehr zweifelhaft ist, nicht länger nachzudenken, ist die Ursache der Hälfte aller Irrtümer." John Stuart Mill
So hier nun meine aktuelle Version mit den Modulen Bank, Income, Donate, Inventory, Selfadmin, Sticky (alle für v0.32)

Angehängte Dateien
.rar   deutsch_Myplaza0.32.rar (Größe: 36,11 KB / Downloads: 35)
"Die verhängnisvolle Neigung der Menschen, über etwas, was nicht mehr zweifelhaft ist, nicht länger nachzudenken, ist die Ursache der Hälfte aller Irrtümer." John Stuart Mill
Hab es selbst von Hand auf Deutsch übersetzt, allerdings ist die Bank etc noch Englisch.
Welche Dateien hast du übersetzt? Warum benutzt du nicht die Übersetzung von DonNemesis?
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Bitte die Foren-Regeln beachten und im Profil die verwendete MyBB-Version angeben.

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